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This is a typical Live English Conversations at Home.


Kamal : Father

Sarika : Mother

Rahul : Son

Harini : Daughter


8.30 A.M.

Sarika : Rahul get up.

Rahul : Give me another 10 minutes.

Sarika : Already it’s 6'0 clock.

Rahul : Good morning! Mom.

Sarika : Good morning! Go and brush your teeth.

Rahul : I will be in few minutes.

Sarika : Where is Harini?

Rahul : I am brushing my teeth.

Sarika : That's good. Let me prepare coffee.

Kamal : Have you done your home work?

Rahul : I have to do my chemistry record.

Kamal : Do it immediately.

Rahul : I will finish it with it 15minutes.

Rohini : I am ready. Give me coffle.

Sarika : Here is your coffee.

Rohini : Please tie up my hair.

Sarika : Rahul, have your coffee.

Rahul : Yes, Mom.

Sarika : Harini take oil and comb.

Rohini : Here they are.

Sarika : Rahul, go and take bath.

Rahul : Here I am.

Rohini : I have to get record note.

Kamal : How much do you want?

Rohini : Rs.50/-.

Kamal : Here it is.

Sarika : Come on, have your breakfast.

Kamal : Here I am.

Sarika : Your school bus has come, bye.

H & R : Bye mummy.

Words to Know

  1. brushing

  2. prepare

  3. chemistry

  4. immediately

  5. finish

  6. tie up

  7. comb

  8. record note

  9. how much

  10. breakfast

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