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This is a typical Live English Conversations at the theatre.


Rahul, Surya and Sunil


2.00 P.M.

Surya : Exams are over.

Rahul : What is our next programme?

Sunil : We shall go to a movie.

Surya : Before that we must take lunch.

Sunil : If we take lunch, we will not be able to get the tickets.

Rahul : Cinema is more important for you than lunch.

Surya : The new hit film is fully crowded.

Rahul : If we are not able to get the ticket we shall go tomorrow.

Sunil : No. No. Today we must see it.

Surya : Are you crazy?

Sunil : Yes, I am crazy.

Rahul : More over the exams are over. Let us enjoy without lunch.

Surya : I feel hungry.

Rahul : Let us have some snacks at the theatre.

Surya : Alright we shall go.

(At The Theatre)

Sunil : The tickets are over.

Rahul : What shall we do now?

Sunil : I will try for the black ticket.

Surya : Hai what are you talking?

Rahul : Nowadays it is quite common.

Sunil : Even the theatre owners are selling tickets in black for huge profit.

Surya : The government should ban that.

Sunil : He is always talking like this.

Rahul : Who is following the rules nowadays?

Sunil : Alright how much do you have?

Surya : I have Rs.100/-.

Rahul : Here is my Rs 50/-.

Sunil : I have Rs .100 let me go and buy the ticket.

Words to Know

  1. Program
  2. Movie
  3. Able
  4. Hit film
  5. Crazy
  6. Hunger
  7. Black ticket
  8. Owners
  9. Profit
  10. Now a day

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