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This is a typical Live English Conversations in discussion with one’s sister.


Rahul and Harini


6.00 P.M.

Harini : Where have you been in the after noon?

Rahul : I have been to the movie.

Harini : Which movie?

Rahul : Dasavatharam.

Harini : How is it?

Rahul : It's fine.

Hanni : Ok. Your exams are over.

Rahul : Let us plan for the vacation.

Hanni : Shall we go to Ooty?

Rahul : But I have the entrance exam.

Harini : Yes. You have to prepare for that.

Rahul : I need not prepare separately.

Harini : Then what is the problem to come to Ooty.

Rahul : I have to revise all the exam portions.

Harini : Oh! I see?

Rahul : You go with mother to Grandma's house.

Harini : I don't want to go to that village.

Rahul : Grandma is eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Harini : I don't have any recreation there.

Rahul : But grand parents' affection is there.

Hanni : When are you leaving for Delhi?

Rahul : Next week.

Hanni : I shall come with you.

Rahul : But I have already reserved the tickets.

Hanni : Reserve me the ticket today itself.

Rahul : It's highly impossible.

Harini : But I want to come to Delhi.

Rahul : Next year we shall go.

Harini : Ok I shall to the grandma's house.

Rahul : Very good.

Words to Know

  1. after noon
  2. vacation
  3. entrance exam
  4. separately
  5. revise
  6. eagerly
  7. affection
  8. recreation
  9. reserved
  10. impossible

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