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Surya, Surya's Father and Rahul


6.00 P.M.

Surya : Come on Rahul get in side. Dad he is my friend.

Father : Oh! I see. Very glad to meet you Rahul. Sit down.

Rahul : Thank you uncle.

Father : What's your father?

Rahul : He is a professor in the government college.

Father : In which department?

Rahul : English.

Father : Oh! I see. What are you going to do?

Rahul : I am also going to write entrance exam of BITS.

Father : Oh! I see. That is a very nice decision.

Rahul : I need proper guidance from you.

Father : The college is situated at Bilani in Rajasthan.

Rahul : Is it very near to Delhi?

Father : Not very near.

Rahul : Is the college worthy?

Father : It is known for its high standard. All will get job in the campus interview.

Rahul : I heard that all leading firms first go there only.

Father : You are correct Surya.

Rahul : I think only the creamy students are admitted there.

Father : They give intensive coaching. When are you leaving?

Rahul : I am leaving three days prior to exam.

Father : How will you go?

Rahul : I booked tickets in Tamilnadu express.

Father : O.K! All the best.

Rahul : Thank you uncle.

Words to Know

  1. professor
  2. department
  3. decision
  4. guidance
  5. situated
  6. worthy
  7. book
  8. high standard
  9. interview
  10. proper

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