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This is a typical Live English Conversations on The Phone.


Rahul, Harini (Rahul’s Sister) and Their Uncle


2.00 P.M.

Harini : I heard the ringing sound of the mobile.

Harini : Where is the mobile?

Rahul : Harini! My mobile phone rings. Please attend.

Harini : I am searching for it.

Rahul : It's near my bed.

Harini : Yah 1 have found it. Hello! I am Harini who's on the line?

Uncle : Hello! Harini How are you? 1 am your uncle.

Harini : Hello! Uncle how are you?

Uncle : I am fine. Thank you. By the by where is Rahul?

Harini : He is taking bath.

Uncle : Oh! I see.

Harini : When are you coming?

Uncle : I am coming on Wednesday.

Harini : Will aunt and baby come with you?

Uncle : No. They won’t come.

Harini : What uncle! They should come for my birth-day party.

Uncle : We couldn't get the ticket Harini.

Harini : O.K. Here comes Rahul. Talk with him.

Rahul : Hello good morning uncle. How are you?

Uncle : I am fine. How are you?

Rahul : I am alright uncle.

Uncle : I am coming on Wednesday.

Rahul : Will you come in the morning or evening?

Uncle : I am not coming by direct flight.

Rahul : Then how will you come from Mumbai?

Uncle : From Mumbai I will catch the 2'O clock flight.

Rahul : O.K. I shall come to the airport by 2.45.

Words to Know

  1. Sound
  2. Mobile
  3. Rings
  4. Searching
  5. Near
  6. Taking bath
  7. When
  8. Direct flight
  9. Flight
  10. Airport

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