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Rahul and Robin Singh


10.00 A.M.

Robin Singh : Hallo! My dear boy!! Let me introduce my self. I am Robin Singh.

Rahul : Hallo! Glad to meet you. I am Rahul.

Robin Singh : You look too young.

Rahul : I have written my 12th exam just a few days back.

Robin Singh : Oh! I see. How did you write your exam?

Rahul : Very well.

Robin Singh : What's your aim?

Rahul : I want to become an IAS officer.

Robin Singh : Very good. Do you have any relatives in Delhi?

Rahul : Yes. My uncle is there.

Robin Singh : Are you going to spend the vacation there?

Rahul : No. No. My journey has two purposes. One is to appear for my entrance exam for BITS - Pilani and the other is to gather information about IAS exam coaching centre. By the by where are you in Delhi?

Robin Singh : I am in Vikaspuri.

Rahul : Have you visited all over Tamilnadu?

Robin Singh : Yah! Almost all. I like Tamilnadu very much.

Rahul : Have you gone to all temples?

Robin Singh : Yes. I could see the ancient art and architecture in the temples.

Rahul : Yah! Tamilnadu gives much importance to spiritualism.

Robin Singh : Where is your uncle's house in Delhi?

Rahul : He resides at Carol Bagh.

Robin Singh : I shall help you to reach there.

Rahul : Oh! Thank you for your kindness. But my uncle is not at home. I am going to stay r in a hotel.

Robin Singh : Oh! I see. Anyway, best wishes for your all successful career.

Rahul : Thank you very much.

Words to Know

  1. Introduce
  2. Very well
  3. Relatives
  4. Purposes
  5. Ancient art
  6. Importance
  7. Spiritualism
  8. Resides
  9. Kindness
  10. Wishes

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