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Rahul, Surya and Their friends


9.30 A.M.

Rahul : Hai friends! Good Morning to all.

Friends : Good morning Rahul.

Surya : I slept very late last night.

Rahul : Did you study?

Surya : No. I watched cricket.

Rahul : I too watched. What a splendid match it was!

Surya : It's a thrilling match too.

Rahul : I still can't believe India's victory.

Surya : Indians deserve the victory.

Rahul : The victory is sheer luck.

Surya : Don’t tell like that. It is a hard earned victory.

Rahul : How can you say that?

Surya : What's the target for the Pakistan?

Rahul : Only 223.

Surya : It’s easily reachable, you know.

Rahul : Yeah, I agree with you.

Surya : But they couldn't win.

Rahul : It’s because of the mistake of batsmen.

Surya : Why don't you say it is the skill of bowlers?

Rahul : The bowlers did not take the wicket.

Surya : But they didn't concede much runs.

Rahul : Yesterday only I saw the captain's knock.

Surya : Yes I enjoyed his batting very much.

Rahul : But the fielding is very worst.

Surya : Our players need more practice in fielding.

Rahul : Yah, I will agree with you.

Surya : The coach should bear it in his mind.

Rahul : Now the time is 8.50. Come on Surya. Let us go. Bye friends.

Words to Know

  1. watched

  2. splendid

  3. thrilling

  4. victory

  5. deserve

  6. sheer luck

  7. hard earned

  8. target

  9. reachable

  10. skill

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