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Rahul and Hotel Receptionist


6.00 A.M.

Receptionist : Good morning Sir. May I help you?

Rahul : Good morning! I need a room.

Receptionist : Do you require a single or double room?

Rahul : Well. A single room will do.

Receptionist : Please fill your name in this register.

Rahul : May I know the rent please?

Receptionist : It is 450 rupees a day sir.

Rahul : Does it include break fast?

Receptionist : No Sir. It’s just for accommodation Sir.

Rahul : Is the room air conditioned?

Receptionist : All our room is centrally air conditioned.

Rahul : Do you have restaurant?

Receptionist : We have three different cuisines.

Rahul : Well that's good news. I can choose different cuisine for different meals.

Receptionist : May I know the duration of the stay?

Rahul : Oh! I have not at filled the column. I shall stay for four days.

Receptionist : I shall fill it up Sir.

Rahul : By the way do you have laundry facility here?

Receptionist : Yes Sir. Please call up the house keeping department and they will have the clothes picked up Sir.

Rahul : How do I get the extension phone number for all departments?

Receptionist : Sir all the house phone numbers are in a diary right near the telephone.

Rahul : Oh! That will do. Thank you. You have been very helpful.

Receptionist : My pleasure sir. I am here to help you Thanks. Well I am rather tired.

Rahul : Can you arrange some one to bring my luggage to the room?

Receptionist : Certainly Sir. Here’s your key.

Rahul : Thank you very much.

Receptionist : You're welcome Sir.

(At that time Rahul’s phone rings.)

Rahul : Hallo Surya, I am staying in Hotel Maurya. Please come here to room number 305.

Words to Know

  1. Require
  2. Will do
  3. Register
  4. Rent
  5. Include
  6. Accommodation
  7. Different
  8. Laundry facility
  9. Departments
  10. Luggage

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