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Rahul, Sarika, Kamal and Grandfather


10.00 A.M.

Sarika : Welcome Rahul. How are you?

Rahul : I am fine Mom. How is your health?

Sarika : Oh! Well. How did you write your exam?

Rahul : I wrote very well. I hope to get centum.

Kamal : Very good.

Sarika : Is the exam very easy?

Rahul : Yes. It is easier than I expected.

Grandfather : Have you gone to all places in Delhi?

Rahul : Yes Grandpa. We have visited all the places in and around Delhi.

Grandfather : How about the weather?

Rahul ; My goodness! Its very hot.

Grandfather : But it’s quite different in Kashmir and Shimla.

Rahul : Yes. It is winter in Kashmir now. It will be very cold especially in areas full of lakes.

Grandfather : What's the favourite month to visit Delhi?

Rahul : February. I think in January and February the leaves begin to sprout.

Grandfather : Are fruits available there?

Rahul : Oh! Yes. All types of fruits are available.

Grandfather : Did you purchase any fruits?

Rahul : Yes. I bought 2 dozens of apples.

Grandfather : Delhi climate is the most suitable for growing fruits.

Rahul : I think you are right, grandpa.

Grandfather : Even plums are available there.

Rahul : I dip not come across the plums.

Grandfather : Is your journey comfortable?

Rahul : Yes. My journey is very comfortable.

Words to Know

  1. Health
  2. Exam
  3. Centum
  4. Easy
  5. Expected
  6. Weather
  7. Leaves
  8. Fruits
  9. Suitable
  10. Journey

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