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at the Head-Master’s Room

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This is a typical Live English Conversations at the Head-Master’s Room.


Rahul, Kamal, Surya and The Teachers


9.30 A.M.

Rahul : Excuse me sir, May I come in.

Headmaster : Hallo Rahul, Congrats come on. Where is your father?

Rahul : He is my father Mr. Kamal.

Headmaster : Good morning Sir, Your son is the school topper. Please sit down.

Kamal : Yes! We're proud of him.

Headmaster : He brought name and fame to our school.

Kamal : It’s all because of your efforts.

Headmaster : Not only our efforts but also Rahul's efforts.

Kamal : How about your friend Surya?

Headmaster : Surya is next to Rahul with 1172 only with six marks difference.

Teachers : Hallo Rahul! I congratulate you.

Rahul : Thank you sir!

Headmaster : You must be proud of your son.

Kamal : Yes... Sir. I am really proud of him. He deserves.

Rahul : When will I get mark sheet?

Headmaster : Physics master has just gone to collect the mark sheet from the CEO office. He will come now.

English Teacher : What is your next plan Rahul?

Rahul : I am going to join in BITS Pilani.

English Teacher : Oh! I see. It's known for its high standard.

Headmaster : Rahul here is your mark sheet and TC. Surya…you also collect your mark sheet and TC.

Rahul & Surya : Thank you sir.

Words to Know

  1. Congrats
  2. Fame
  3. Efforts
  4. Difference
  5. Congratulate
  6. Proud
  7. Mark Sheet
  8. High Standard
  9. Deserve

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