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Rahul, Surya and Rakesh


10.30 A.M.

Rahul : Oh! Time runs fast.

Surya : Yes. How fast the year moved?

Rakesh : Our college days are very nice.

Surya : We learn little Malayalam from you.

Rakesh : I too learn lot of Tamil words from you.

Rahul : Our room is the calmest one.

Surya : Yes. Yes. In other rooms they quarrel a lot.

Rakesh : It is quite normal among friends.

Surya : But we should be cooperative you know.

Rakesh : Any way we shall prepare for the final semester.

Rahul : I have already prepared well.

Surya : I have to revise.

Rakesh : Then both of you should help me.

Surya : What type of help?

Rakesh : I have some doubts.

Rahul : We will clarify your doubts.

Surya : We shall make a group study.

Rakesh : Yes. That will bring fruitful result.

Rahul : Let us sit at least for 8 hours to study.

Rakesh : We will have a whole night study.

Surya : Then we will be tired during the day.

Rahul : Let us take a heavy gap.

Surya : Let us discuss the farewell party.

Rahul : When shall we conduct it?

Surya : We shall conduct it on Wednesday.

Rakesh : How much should we contribute?

Surya : We shall contribute Rs. 500/- each.

Rakesh : We should honour our principal and all the faculty members.

Surya : Yes. Let us go and select the gift item.

Rakesh : Come on. Let us go.

Words to Know

  1. Fast
  2. Learn
  3. Calmest
  4. Quarrel
  5. Normal
  6. Among
  7. Cooperative
  8. Fruitful
  9. Whole
  10. Contribute

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