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Rahul and Sarika


10.30 A.M.

Rahul : Hello! Mom, how are you?

Sarika : Hello! Rahul I am fine. How do you do?

Rahul : I am alright here.

Sarika : How is your health?

Rahul : I am as hard as stone.

Sarika : I am worrying a lot about you.

Rahul : You need not worry about me.

Sarika : When will be your exams over?

Rahul : My exams are over.

Sarika : How did you write your exams?

Rahul : Very well.

Sarika : When are you coming here?

Rahul : I am not coming now.

Sarika : Why?

Rahul : I have to prepare for civil service preliminary exam.

Sarika : Come here and you can prepare.

Rahul : No. I am going to join in Rao and Rao Institute.

Sarika : Did you get admission?

Rahul : Tomorrow I am going there.

Sarika : How long will you stay there?

Rahul : I think I'll stay here for another one year.

Sarika : I can't bear it.

Rahul : Please Mom. It's for my good sake.

Sarika : You will come to the higher level. God’s grace is with you.

Rahul : Thank you Mom.

Sarika : I wish you all the best.

Rahul : Thank you. How is father?

Sarika : He is well.

Rahul : How is Harini?

Sarika : She is waiting for 10th result.

Rahul : Oh! I see! O.K. Bye Mom.

Words to Know

  1. Worrying
  2. Exams
  3. Over
  4. Now
  5. Preliminary
  6. Bear
  7. Sake
  8. Higher Level
  9. Grace
  10. Waiting
  11. Result

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