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This is a typical Live English Conversations at His Native Place.


Rahul, Chief Minister, Governor, M.L.A., Kamal, Nancy and Rangarajan


11.30 A.M.

Chief Minister : I am very much proud to say that Rahul who belongs to Karisalpatti village has become the I.A.S. topper at the national level. I here by congratulate him and I grant to him Rs. 5 lakhs on behalf of The Tamil Nadu government.

Rahul : Thank you sir. Please give it to my parents. Dad please come and collect.

(They get the cheque from the Chief Minister to Kamal.)

Governor : It's really a wonderful feat. It’s highly impossible. But Rahul makes it real through his hard work. I really appreciate him for his effort.

Rahul : Very kind of you sir.

M.L.A. : I am very proud to say that I am the MLA of this Constituency. Why? Because Rahul is my brother and we are both born in Karisalpatti. I wish him all success in his career.

Rahul : Thank you very much to one and all who have praised me.

After the meeting

Nancy : Sir, one minute please.

Rahul : Yes. Who are you?

Nancy : Don't you understand my voice?

Rahul : I heard the voice some where.

Nancy : Sir I am Nancy.

Rahul : Oh! Missed call Nancy.

Nancy : Oh! No. Wrong call Nancy. Congrats by the by meet my father Mr. Rangarajan.

Rahul : Hello Sir very nice to meet you.

Rangarajan : Congrats Mr. Rahul.

Rahul : Thank you once again sir.

Words to Know

  1. Proud
  2. National Level
  3. Grant
  4. Feat
  5. Impossible
  6. Appreciate
  7. Effort
  8. Constituency
  9. Praised
  10. Heard

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