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Rahul, Surya, Sunil and Canteen Sales Man


11.30 A.M.

Rahul : Surya. It's break time. Come on. Let's go to the canteen.

Surya : Yes, come on, Sunil please come with us.

Sunil : I am coming.

Rahul : What shall we have?

Surya : I want cake,

Sunil : I want Samosa.

Rahul : Let's have both.

Surya : Then I can't take lunch.

Sunil : Yes. Then let us have cake alone.

Rahul : If we eat cake, coffee will not be tasty

Surya : How much does a Samosa cost?

Sales Man : Rs. 4/-.

Rahul : Give me 3 Samosas.

Sales Man : Here it is.

Rahul : Thank you. I shall pay after eating.

Sales Man : No problem.

Sunil : I shall pay Rahul.

Rahul : No thanks. I shall pay.

Surya : Both of you don't quarrel.

Rahul : Then you will pay.

Surya : Ok, No problem.

Rahul : I am telling just for fun.

Sunil : First let's have snacks.

Rahul : Sugar is not sufficient.

Surya : Don't add sugar too much.

Rahul : Thank you for giving advice.

Surya : I shall pay for tea.

Rahul : Then I shall pay for Samosa.

Surya : Then I must say thanks to both of you.

Words to Know

  1. break time

  2. lunch

  3. tasty

  4. cost

  5. pay

  6. quarrel

  7. problem

  8. fun

  9. snacks

  10. sufficient

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