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Rahul and The Reporter from SUN TV Cahnnel


11.30 A.M.

Reporter : I am from SUN TV. We want to have an interview.

Rahul : When do you want?

Reporter : At your convenience.

Rahul : Why not now?

Reporter : OK. Very well. Shall we start the interview?

Rahul : Yes. I am ready.

Reporter : Tell us about yourself.

Rahul : I am Rahul. I was born in Karisalpatti. I had my school education throughout Tamil medium. But I found little difficult in Engineering college.

Reporter : Where did you study your engineering course?

Rahul : I studied in BITS Pilani.

Reporter : What was the difficulty you faced?

Rahul : In Pilani, all taught only through English. At the time I did not have my much fluency in English. I was totally ashamed of it. At the time my friend Surya presented me a book published by Power Publisher. I can't say it is merely a book. Rather a course. Through constant reading and sheer practice I developed my fluency. Really I owe a lot to the Power Publishers.

Reporter : What is your message to the youth of India?

Rahul : Today's youth should be ready to work hard. They should not be mere book worms. They should know the current affairs. More over they should not neglect English. They should develop their fluency and communication skills.

Reporter : Thank you sir.

Words to Know

  1. Interview
  2. Convenience
  3. Start
  4. Medium
  5. Difficulty
  6. Faced
  7. Fluency
  8. Ashamed
  9. Sheer Practice
  10. Owe
  11. Book-Worm

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