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during The Night Time

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This is a typical Live English Conversations during The Night Time.


Kamal : Father

Sarika : Mother

Rahul : Son

Harini : Daughter


9.30 P.M.

Sarika : What's the time now?

Kamal : It's 9'O clock.

Sarika : Change it to 6th channel. I want to watch the serial.

Kamal : The serial is boring.

Sarika : I am watching it regularly.

Kamal : Let us watch the comedy show.

Sarika : That you can see it even on Sundays.

Rahul : I want to see Sun Music.

Kamal : I don't have respect in this house.

Rahul : Give me the remote control.

Harini : I want to watch Discovery Channel.

Rahul : There is nothing special in the discovery channel.

Harini : What's there in Sun Music? They play same old songs.

Rahul : But they are all time favourites.

Sarika : I have completed all kitchen work.

Harini : Then go to bed.

Sarika : You need not tell me.

Rahul : She is always disturbing me ma.

Sarika : Give me the remote control.

Rahul : Where is dad?

Harini : He has gone to sleep.

Sarika : I am watching the tele-serial continuously.

Rahul : You please watch mom.

Harini : You need relaxation.

Rahul : We wont disturb you.

Kamal : Have you done your home work?

Harini : I have done it.

Rahul : I have to do mother.

Kamal : Then do it.

Rahul : Now it is already 10. Let me do in the morning. Good night to all.

All others : Good night.

Words to Know

  1. channel

  2. serial

  3. comedy show

  4. favorite

  5. disturbing

  6. tele serial

  7. continuously

  8. relaxation

  9. already

  10. respect

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