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Lose : verb : not to have something anymore

To lose an order = not to get an order which you were hoping to get

  • During the strike, the company lost six orders to American competitors.

  • To lose control of a company = to find that you have less than 50% of the shares and so you are no longer able to direct the company

  • To Lose Customers = to have only fewer customers
  • Their service is so slow that they have been losing customers.

  • She lost her job when the factory closed. (She was made redundant.)

  • Lose : verb : to have less money
  • He lost £25,000 in his father's computer company.

  • The pound has lost value. (The pound is worth less.)

  • Lose : verb : to drop to a lower price
  • The dollar lost two cents against the yen.

  • Gold shares lost 5% on the market yesterday.

  • NOTE : losing - lost

    Lose Out : verb : to suffer as a result of something
  • The company has lost out in the rush to make cheap computers.

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