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Low : adjective : small or not high

  • Low overhead costs keep the unit cost low.

  • We try to keep our wages bill low.

  • The company offered him mortgage at a low rate of interest.

  • The pound is at a very low rate of exchange against the dollar.

  • Our aim is to buy at the lowest price possible.

  • Shares are at their lowest for two years.

  • The tender will go to the lowest bidder. (The contract will be awarded to the person who offers the best terms.)

  • Low Sales = small amount of money produced by sales

    Low Volume of Sales = small number of items sold

    Low : noun : point where prices or sales are very small
  • Sales have reached a new low.

  • The highs and lows on the stock market…

  • Shares have hit an all-time low. (Shares have reached their lowest price ever.)

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