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Lower : adjective : smaller or less high

  • A lower rate of interest

  • Sales were lower in December than in November.

  • Lower : verb : to make smaller or less expensive
  • To lower prices to secure a larger market share…

  • To lower the interest rate

  • Lowering : noun : making smaller or less expensive
  • Lowering of prices

  • We hope to achieve low prices with no lowering of quality.

  • NOTE : no plural

    Low-Grade : adjective : not very impor¬tant or not of very good quality
  • A low-grade official from the Ministry of Commerce

  • The car runs best on low-grade petrol…

  • Low-Level : adjective : not very important
  • A low-level delegation visited the ministry.

  • A low-level meeting decided to put off making a decision.

  • Low-Level Computer Language = programming language similar to machine code

    Low-Pressure : adjective : low-pressure sales = sales where the salesman does not force someone to buy, but only encourages him to do so

    Low-Quality : adjective : not of good quality
  • They tried to sell us some low quality steel.

  • QUOTE : After opening at 79.1 the Index touched a peak of 79.2 and then drifted to a low of 78.8. (Financial Times)

    QUOTE : The pound which had been as low as $1.02 earner this year rose to $1.30. (Fortune)

    QUOTE : Canadian and European negotiators agreed to a deal under which Canada could keep its quotas but lower its import duties. (Globe and Mail - Toronto)

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