Making A Volcano
Drawing a Galaxy

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Making A Volcano

Things Required : A piece of card, a small bowl, red colour, sodium bicarbonate and light vinegar.

Experiment : Take a piece of card and fold in a shape of cone. Cut the top of the cone.

In a small bowl put some red colour powder and sodium bicarbonate into it.

Put the cone over the bowl and pour light vinegar in the bowl through the cone. A chemical reaction takes place and you will see the volcano erupting.

Drawing a Galaxy

Take a large black paper and with the help of your geography book draw a spiral galaxy using a soft pencil.

With the half of a brush apply some gum on the pencil marks. Spread some glitter all over the paper and allow it to dry.

Now shake the black paper on a newspaper to remove the extra glitters. You have drawn a spiral galaxy. You can pin it on your wall.
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