Making a Light Box & Cinematography

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Making a Light Box

Things required : A shoebox with lid, modelling clay or adhesive tape, bulb holder, wire, 9-volt battery and a bulb.

Experiment : Take the shoebox and on the smaller side cut a vertical slit, 5 mm wide and 4 cm high. Now fix the bulb holder wired to the battery of 9 volt in the box with help of adhesive tape. With the help of adhesive tape put the bulb into the holder. Place the lid on the box. Use the mirror in a dark room to understand the process of reflection when the ray of light comes out of the slit.


Things Required : Four white cards of 250mm squire.

Experiment : Fold each card from the centre and draw a picture of a man without arms on a separate sheet. Next, trace this image and transfer it to all the four cards. Now on one of the card add the arms on the sides. On 2nd and 4th draw the arms outstretched, on 3rd draw them lifted upwards. Paste the halves of pictures. Now attach a candy stick through the middle. If you spin the stick with speed, it gives you the picture that the man is exercising.
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