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Making a Microscope
Refraction of Light

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Making a Microscope

Let's make a microscope of our own.

Things required : A card, a small magnifying glass, two cardboard pieces, two tubes-one tube with a slightly smaller diameter than the other, so that it can slide into other tube, a bulb, a holder, battery, a clear film.

Experiment : Make a round hole in the card and tape the magnifying glass to it. Cut two pieces of cardboard and roll them into the tubes. Cover the upper end of the outer tube using the clear film. Connect it to the battery with the help of bulb and holder. Cover the bulb with smaller tube. Slide the outer tube over it. Place the object to be magnified in front of the clear film and to focus the object move the upper tube up or down through the lens. This is a good experiment to study an object in detail.

Refraction of Light

Things required : A glass, water, two drinking straws or two pencils.

Experiment : Take a glass and fill it with water about 2 inches below the brim. Place 2 straws or 2 pencils in it. On looking down in the glass the straws or pencils look bent, but if you look them from the side they appear straight. The bent impression is due to a process Refraction. Light travels with different speed when it passes through material other than air.
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