Malcolm and Maurice

Malcolm and Maurice :

Malcolm and Maurice studied at the same school. One day, an inter-school painting competition was organized in a school which was near their school. Many students of various schools were participating in it. Malcolm and Maurice also took part in it. The competition got under way at the stipulated time. Malcolm and Maurice were allotted tables side by side in the competition.

Each participant was required to bring his / her own painting materials. Maurice had brought his own drawing sheet and poster colors, but forgotten to bring a jar of water in which he was supposed to wash his brushes. He was therefore very upset.

Malcolm saw Maurice standing close to him in a helpless situation. He said to him, “What is the matter friend?”

“I have forgotten to bring my jar of water,” said Maurice. “Never mind. You can use mine,” said Malcolm.

“I will keep my jar in the center so that both of us may use it.” Maurice became happy and they started making their respective drawings. Maurice made a picture of a person while Malcolm made a picture of a car. They were using the same jar of water to wash their respective brushes. In doing so, they accidentally dipped their brushes into the water at the same time.

“Oh No!” cried both of them simultaneously.

The jar of water tipped up and all the water in the jar spilt out of it onto their drawing sheets.

The paintings of both of the boys were spoiled. Both of them looked at each other with sorrowful eyes, but they did not know what to do.

There was no use trying to find out whose mistake it was. The time was running fast and they had to submit their respective paintings in time.

Without waiting any more time, both of them hurriedly wiped their respective tables clean and started painting once again on fresh drawing sheets.

Maurice filled up the jar with water again and placed it in the center.

As they were busy painting their drawings, Maurice thought, “Why had the water spilt over the table?” He felt that both of them had tried to wash their brushed at the same time.

If one of them had waited for the other, there would not have been any spill-over. He decided that he would not let it happen again.

Both the friends restarted painting their respective drawings peacefully. Once again, they dipped their brushed into the water simultaneously. But this time, Malcolm said to Maurice, “Please go first. I shall wash my brush after you. “

“Thanks,” said Maurice smilingly.

Thus Malcolm and Maurice finished their respective paintings in time.

MORAL : Letting someone go first shows that you care about him / her. Waiting fort one’s turn helps things run smoothly.

Malcolm and Maurice

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