Map Reading & The Core of Earth

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Map Reading

Get a map of your city. Now go to upper floors of some tall building or a small hilltop. Locate the north direction and place the map according to the north marked on it. Study the main features of the landscape and see them on the map. Find out the pattern of the roads, railways, rivers, woods etc. Try to understand how the map and city are located and built.

The Core of Earth

The core or centre of the earth consists of molten rocks and its temperature is very high. The lava from the earth's cores erupts in the form of volcanoes which hardens when the temperature is allowed to cool. You can understand this with the help of a candle.

Experiment : Take a candle and put it in sunlight. It softens but again hardens on bringing it back to room temperature. Similarly, when the candle is brought near another candle flame, the wax flows like liquid, but hardens quickly when cooled. Lava also behaves in the same way.
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