Measure, Might and Mind : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Measure :

  • Measure for measure.

  • Measure is treasure.

  • Man is the measure of all things.

  • Moderate measure succeeds best.

  • Might :

  • Might is right.

  • To be wise and love exceeds man's might.

  • Mind :

  • Great minds discuss ideas. Average mind discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

  • A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.

  • A sound mind is a sound body.

  • The mind has a thousand eyes and the heart but one.

  • A mind quite vacant is a mind quite distressed.

  • A well prepared mind hopes in adversity and fears in prosperity.

  • Great minds think alike.

  • It is the mind that makes the body rich.

  • The mind is the man.

  • The rust of the mind is the blight of genius.

  • Travel broadens the mind.
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