Miserliness, Money and Music : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Miserliness :

  • Fools live poor to die rich.

  • Poverty wants many things and avarice all.

  • Little good comes of gathering.

  • Money :

  • A man without money is like a bow without an arrow.

  • All powerful money gives birth and beauty.

  • Bad money always come back.

  • He that hoards up money takes pain for other men.

  • If money be not thy servant it will be thy master.

  • Mention money and the world is silent.

  • Money amassed either serves or rules us.

  • Money answers all things.

  • Money in whatever hands will confer power.

  • Without money, without fear.

  • Money is power.

  • Money is the best bait to fish for man with.

  • Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it.

  • Money is the soul of business.

  • Money is wise. It knows its own way.

  • Money taken, freedom forsaken.

  • Money is the very life and blood of mortals.

  • Music :

  • Music is the food of love.

  • Music is love in search of words.

  • Music is the universal language of mankind.

  • Music is the medicine of a breaking heart.

  • Without music life would be a mistake.

  • Music helps not the tooth ache.

  • Music is the short hand of emotion.

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