Modal Auxiliaries

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Modal Auxiliaries :

Read the following dialogues and fill in the blanks with suitable Modal Auxiliary verbs.

  1. Between Salesman and Customer :

    Salesman : _______ I help you?

    Customer : Yes, _______ you show me some torch lights?

    Salesman : All right, I _______ show you some models.

    Customer : Give me the red one. It looks beautiful. It _______ be an expensive one.

    Salesman : No, Sir, It’s rather cheap. I _______ give it for Rs. 220/-.

    Customer : I _______ but a cheap one.

  2. Between Ravi and Malar :

    Ravi : Give me a cool torino. _______ you?

    Malar : You _______ not drink cool drinks. Your tonsils problem _______ trouble you again.

    Ravi : I _______ have a little quantity.

    Malar : All problems _______ be controlled.

  3. Between Kuppan and Appan :

    Kuppan : _______ you please lend me your pen? I _______ like to write Some letters.

    Appan : I _______ give it back this evening will you return it in time?

    Kuppan : I _______ return it before 6 p.m.

    Appan : I expect you _______ come.


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