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Modal Auxiliaries :


Read the following dialogues and fill in the blanks with suitable Modal Auxiliary verbs.

  1. Between Mother and Son :

    Mother : Will you consult Dr. Ramesh to-day?

    Son : I need not go to the hospital. The fever is low. I will be alright in a few hours.

    Mother : You must take care of your health If you will not go, Have his syrup now.

    Son : Certainly I will have it.

  2. Between Father and Son :

    Father : You must do the home work yourself.

    Son : Could I seek your guidance?

    Father : You may call me when it is necessary.

    Son : I will try to do it myself. If I fail I will seek your help.

    Father : By all means I will help you.

  3. Between Suresh and Librarian :

    Suresh : May I come in Sir?

    Librarian : Yes, you may.

    Suresh : What should I do to become a member of the library, Sir?

    Librarian : You must pay Rs. 25/- to become a member.

    Suresh : Can I pay monthly subscription?

    Librarian : Yes, you need not pay the amount.

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