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Modal Auxiliaries :


Read the following dialogues and fill in the blanks with suitable Modal Auxiliary verbs.

  1. Between Head master and Old Student :

    Student : May I come in Sir?

    H.M : Yes, Can I know why you are late?

    Student : I could not catch the 9.20 bus, Sir.

    H.M : Hereafter you must come late.

    Student : No, I won’t Sir.

    H.M : You won’t get up early.

  2. Between Doctor and Patient :

    Patient : May I come in Sir?

    Doctor : Yes, would you have any trouble?

    Patient : Yes Sir, will you please take my temperature?

    Doctor : Sit down, I will.

    Patient : May I have an injection?

    Doctor : Yes, you can have an injection.

  3. Between Selvam and Kumar :

    Selvam : Will you give me your pen? I have forgotten to bring my pen. I must submit get my record.

    Kumar : No, I shall get my brother’s pen.

    Selvam : When will he come?

    Kumar : He may come around 10 O’clock.

    Selvam : I expect he can see me.

  4. Between Doctor and the Patient :

    Patient : Doctor may I have regular diet?

    Doctor : No, You must have only liquid food for two days.

    Patient : Oh! How can I work if I have only liquid food?

    Doctor : You must not work. You should have complete rest.

    Patient : Yes, Doctor. I will take rest.

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