Modal Auxiliary Verbs

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Modal Auxiliary Verbs are used to make sentences with tenses, moods, voices, interrogatives, negatives and emphatic form of speeches.

Will, would, can, could, shall, should, may, might and must are Modal Auxiliary Verbs.

Can :

  • I can lift this box.

  • Can I leave now?

  • Can I make use your cell phone?

  • Could :
  • He could drive the car once.

  • Could I take this book?

  • He could have taken the matter easily.

  • May :
  • May I come in?

  • It may rain now.

  • I may come to Chennai.

  • Might :
  • Might I use your pen?

  • It might rain now.

  • He might get the ticket now.

  • Shall :
  • I shall come tomorrow.

  • I shall attend the meeting.

  • I shall send an invitation to you.

  • You shall take to him now.

  • You shall attend my marriage now.

  • Should :
  • Should I take leave of?

  • It should be done now.

  • He should have come now.

  • You should better go tomorrow.

  • Will :
  • I will come with you.

  • He will visit there.

  • Anything will happen.

  • You will come with me.

  • Would :
  • I would attend your birthday.

  • I would take long walks in my youth.

  • He would be expected by 10 pm.

  • I would like to become a doctor.

  • I would like a cup of coffee.

  • Must :
  • You must attend the classes.

  • Must I come with you?

  • He must leave now.

  • You must arrive by 9pm.

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