Model Dinosaur & Grafting of Shoot

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Model Dinosaur

Take a thick cardboard and paint a dinosaur on it. Then cut out the drawing and below the belly, cut out two slits. Draw two legs on the cardboard and cut them out. Cut slits on them also.

Insert the legs into the slits under the dinosaur belly. Now you have a model of a standing dinosaur.

Grafting of Shoot

You might have seen steam powered toy boats in the toyshops. You can also build something like it at home. All you need is an aluminium container, a small aluminium hollow tube and a few small pieces of candles. Seal one side of the hollow tube with a cork.

Cut a growing shoot from a plant at about 45° angle, a little below a leaf bud.

On another plant of the same family, cut a T shape on the bark. Now fold the bark a little, taking care to see that you do not break it.

Then insert the cut out shoot into this opening and fix it there with the help of a tape. After a few weeks time, you will notice that this transplanted shoot is growing.

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