Mooli and Recipe : A Raman Story

No Mooli No Recipe

Let us enjoy reading this Raman Story of Mooli and Recipe .

"I’ve never eaten anything tastier in my life!" declared Raman, who had just returned from his friend’s house.

“What did you eat?" asked his wife.

“Mooli (radish) halwa," Raman said, smacking his lips.

“Mooli! Whoever has heard of halwa being made from mooli! It must have been something else," said his wife disbelievingly.

She just could not understand how anyone could make halwa out of mooli. Nevertheless, her curiosity was aroused and next day she asked him to get her the recipe from his friend and some moolis from the market.

“Where are the moolis?" she asked, when he returned.

“You see," he explained, “while I was returning from the market, a goat snatched the moolis away."

Annoyed at his carelessness, she said “Have you brought the recipe?"

“Well, I thought," said Raman with a shrug, “The recipe is of no use without moolis, so I let the starving animal eat that too."

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