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People send me quite a few word confusions which don’t seem worth writing up but which are nevertheless entertaining or interesting. I simply list a number of these below for your amusement.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, please be aware that this is only a supplementary page to a much more extensive list.

What was said What was meant
a stigmatism astigmatism
abolishment abolition
abraded upbraided
acrosst across
ad homonym ad hominem
aerobic numbers Arabic numbers
affidavid affidavit
all goes well augurs well
all of the sudden all of a sudden
alphabeticalize alphabetize
altercations alterations
alterior ulterior
anachronism acronym
ambliance ambulance
anticlimatic anticlimactic
anchors away anchors aweigh
antivenom antivenin
aperpo à propos
apples and organs apples and oranges
arm’s way harm’s way
artical article
as a pose to as opposed to
ashfault asphalt
assessible accessible
assumably presumably
at leased at least
authoritarian source authoritative source
back round background
balling out bawling out
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