Morse Code & The Spectrum

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Morse Code

Things required : A 9-volt battery, some wires, two bulbs in holders, some drawing pins, paper clips and two wooden boards.

Experiment : Make a pair of switches by using paperclips and drawing pins.

Connect the switches, the battery and lamp holders together with long length of wires.

You can send messages to your friends sitting in another room by using Morse Code chart.

The Spectrum

Light is made up of seven colours. You must have seen them in a rainbow. Sunlight can be split into colours of spectrum, if you pass it through a prism.

Things required : Mirror, white card and a bowl of water.

Experiment : Take a bowl of water and place it near a sunlit window. Place a mirror in water and use a card as a screen, point adjust the mirror to an angle where it projects the colours of light on the screen. Here water acts like a prism and splits the light in seven colours.

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