Music from a Ruler

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Music from a Ruler

Isn't it interesting to think of producing music from a ruler? Some naughty boys may try to do such an activity in the class. Beware! Your teacher may get angry and punish you.

Never-the-less let us learn how to make a ruler produce music. For this, you will need a 12 inches plastic ruler. Place three inches of the ruler on the edge of the table. Hold it tightly with your left hand.

Now with your right hand twang the protruding end of the ruler. You will hear a note of sound. Move the ruler to bring six inches of it on the table. When you twang it again, you will find that the note of sound is different than the previous one. You will also find that it does not vibrate that well. Move the ruler another three inches on the table.

This time, you will find it difficult to vibrate the three inches length which is not on the table. You will find that it was easier to vibrate the ruler when nine inches of its length was protruding from the table.

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