Note-Taking is a practice of noting down the information and the facts that you heard from a source normally oral discussion and a lecture. This will help you go through the same after some time and recollect what was discussed and what was said.

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Sarojini Naidu was born at Hyderabad, in the Deccan, in February, 1879. Perhaps in nothing was she more fortunate than in her parentage. Her father was himself a great scholar and a learned person both in Eastern philosophy and Western science. He was the founder of the Nizam's College at Hyderabad and spent all his life in encouraging education and scientific research particularly the science of alchemy. His wife was a lady of fine poetic feeling and had written in her younger days some lovely Bengali lyrics. .

Sarojini, like the rest of her family, was educated in her early years under her father's own care. Very early indeed she began to show signs of poetic ability and where sums and other dull matters should have appeared in her exercise books, little poems began to appear instead. When she was only twelve years old she passed the Matriculation examination at Madras University and before she was fifteen she went to England as the holder of a State scholarship. But her studies at London and Cambridge were too strenuous for her youthful constitution and she had a serious breakdown in health. From that time forward she suffered almost continually from pain and ill-health. However, instead of giving way before this heavy handicap, she never allowed it to interfere with her duties. But she worked on with unfailing courage and cheerfulness.

Note-Taking :

Sarojini Naidu was born at Hyderabad. Her father was a great scholar. Sarojini was educated in her early years. Under her father's care, she passed Matriculation Examination at the age of 12. She studied in London and Cambridge. She suffered continually from pain and ill health. But she worked on with unfailing courage and cheerfulness.

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