Synonyms & Antonyms : Obligatory


( Adjective )

Is attendance at school
obligatory or optional in that country?







Contextual Examples:

necessary, I am prepared to come again tomorrow.

It is
unavoidable to pay taxes if your income is beyond $ 50000 in a year.

I am sure Sanjeev will do the
needful in this matter if he possibly can.

It is absolutely
imperative that we make a quick decision.

Sex education should be
compulsory in schools.







Contextual Examples:

We should work our utmost to achieve the
desired objectives.

Sorry, I am not
willing to relax the rules for the sake of your son’s admission in my school.

My father has taken to
voluntary retirement after 20 years of service in the government, though he could still continue for few more years.

The career followed by my son is
self-chosen. I have never given him serious advice or guidance.

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