Difficult Words : Onerous, Officious and Obtuse

Difficult Words : Onerous, Officious and Obtuse

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Obtuse (ub TOOS) adj: insensitive, blockheaded

Mabel was so obtuse that she didn't realize for several days that Carl had asked her to marry him.

The obtuse student couldn't seem to grasp the difference between addition and subtraction.

Officious (uh FISH us) adj: annoyingly eager to help or advise

The officious officer could never resist sticking his nose into other people's business.

The officious salesperson refused to leave us alone, so we finally left without buying anything.

Onerous (OHN ur us) adj: burdensome, oppressive

We were given the onerous task of cleaning up the fairgrounds after the carnival.

The job had long hours but the work wasn't onerous; Bill spent most of his time sitting with his feet on the desk.

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