Synonyms & Antonyms : Ordinary


( Adjective )

You can attend the function in an
ordinary dress.











Contextual Examples:

Kishore is a student of
average caliber but secures a high position in the examinations due to hard work.

common man is hit hard by the price rise but the government has taken no steps to raise his wages in equal proportion.

My elder brother has gone out for his
usual evening walk.

Horses and buggies were
commonplace sight of Delhi in 1920s.

Getting up very early in the morning is my
regular habit.

She is neither short nor all. She has
medium height.

A Captain is
inferior in rank to a Major in the Indian Army.

His military career was an
undistinguished one but after retirement he has done some business and made tons of money.





Above the average

Abnormally high

First rate



Contextual Examples:

My brother is an
extraordinary boy, both in studies and sports.

Shahrukh Khan is an actor of
uncommon caliber, one-in-a million.

Suresh is far above the
average in intelligence but a middling in all-round performance.

His intelligent quotient is abnormally

An MP is called a
first rate citizen in a democracy.

Miss Anjai has a
superior position in the company.

Kapil Sibbal is a
distinguished lawyer of this country.

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