Here, You could find all the Oxymorons beginning with ~
C ~.

Cafeteria Food
Calculated Error
Calculated Risk
Calculated Spontaneity
California Culture
California Expressway
California Style
Calm Storm
Calm Winds
Camping Resort
Canadian Bacon
Canned Fresh
Cardinal Sin
Caring Republican
Casual Chic
Casual Dress
Casual Formality
Casual Intimacy
Casual Sex
Casually Concerned
Cautiously Optimistic
Cavalier Concern
Center Around
Central Intelligence Agency
Centrally-Planned Economy
Certain Risk
Certainly Unsure
Chaotic Organization
Cheap Gas
Cheerful Pessimist
Cheerful Undertaker
Cheerfully Cynical
Cheerfully Mournful
Cheese Steak
Cherokee Pioneer
Chicken Fajitas
Chilling Fever
Chinese Chop Suey
Chocolate 'Nilla Wafers
Chow Baby
Christian Evolutionist
Christian Gangster
Christian Militia
Cia Cooperation
Civil Disobedience
Civil Engineer
Civil Litigation
Civil Servant
Civil Service
Civil Strife
Civil War
Civilized Warfare
Classic New Homes
Classic Rock & Roll
Clean Air
Clean Boy
Clean Coal
Clean Dirt
Clean Kill
Clean Litter
Clean Oil
Clean Toilet
Clear As Mud
Clearly Ambiguous
Clearly Confused
Clearly Misunderstood
Clever Fool
Click The Start Button To Shut Down
Climb Down
Clogged Drain
Close Distance
Cluster Bomb
Co-Ed Fraternity
Co-Ed Sorority
Cold Fever
Cold Hotdog
Cold Sweat
Cold Toast
Collective Liberty
College Algebra
College Education
College Student
Colorless Kaleidoscope
Combative Apology
Comedic Tragedy
Comfortable Bra
Comfortable Neck Brace
Comfortable Tights
Commercial Art
Committed Schedule
Committee Decision
Committee Schedule
Common Abnormality
Common Courtesy
Common Sense
Common Phenomenon
Communist Party
Comparatively Unique
Compassionate Conservative
Compassionate Editor
Compassionate Management
Complete Separation
Completed Research
Completed Website
Completely Destroyed
Completely Educated
Completely Succinct
Completely Unfinished
Component Parts
Compulsory Volunteers
Computer Jock
Computer Science
Conciliation Court
Concrete Pad
Confident Fear
Congressional Accountability
Congressional Action
Congressional Cooperation
Congressional Ethics
Congressional Oversight
Congressional Responsibility
Congressional Wisdom
Conscripted Volunteer
Conservative Democrat
Conservative Liberal
Considerate Boss
Consistent Discrepancies
Consistent Uncertainties
Consistently Inconsistent
Conspicuously Absent
Constant Change
Constant Infrequent
Constant Variable
Constructive Ambiguity
Constructive Attitude
Constructive Criticism
Constructive Negativity
Continuing Resolution
Contra Aid
Contra Assistance
Controlled Enthusiasm
Controlled Chaos
Controlled Skeptic
Controlled-Market Economy
Convenience Store
Conventional Wisdom
Convergent Evolution
Corporate Conscience
Corporate Culture
Corporate Ethics
Corporate Family
Corporate Planning
Correctional Institution
Council Action
Countless Numbers
Country Music
Cowardly Lion
Crash Landing
Creation Science
Creative Destruction
Criminal Cop
Criminal Justice
Criminal System
Crisis Management
Critical Acclaim
Cruel Kindness
Current History
Curved Line
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Service

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