Here is the largest collection of the Oxymorons beginning with ~
D ~.

Daily Special
Dangerously Safe
Dark Day
Dark Light
Dark Star
Dark Victory
Dead Livestock
Dead Right
Deaf Listener
Debugged Program
Defensive Strike
Deficit Spending
Definite Maybe
Degradable Plastic
Deliberate Mistake
Deliberate Speed
Deliberately Thoughtless
Delicious Torment
Demanding Patient
Democratic Congress
Democratic Leadership
Democratic Machine
Department Of Interior (Responsible For Everything Outside)
Deregulation Law
Designer Beer
Designer Jeans
Desktop Publishing
Detailed Summary
Devilish Angel
Devout Atheist
Diet Ice Cream
Different Pattern
Diligent Sloth
Diminished Confidence
Diminishing Growth
Diminutive Giants
Dim Light
Dining Hall Food
Direct Circumvention
Disaster Preparedness
Disciplined Gluttony
Discretionary Rules
Disposable Income
Disposable Products With A Lifetime Guarantee
Distant Relative
Divided Unity
Divorce Court
Dodge Ram
Doing Nothing
Dollar Value
Domestic Bliss
Domestic Cooperation
Domestic Violence
Double Solitaire
Doubting Believers
Drawing A Blank
Dress Pants
Dressy Casual
Driving Pleasure
Droning Silence
Dry Beer
Dry Creek
Dry Humor
Dry Ice
Dry Lake
Dry Martini
Dry Pond
Dry Snow
Dry Wine
Dull Acupuncturists
Dull Knife
Dull Needle
Dull Roar
Dull Shine
Dying Is A Part Of Life
Dynamic Monotone
Dynamic Stability

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