Here is the largest collection of the Oxymorons beginning with ~ I ~.

Ibm Compatible
Ibm-Apple Compatible
Icy Hot
Idiot Savant
Idly Laborious
Ignorant Professor
Ill Fortune
Ill Health
Immigration Control
Impatient Patient
Important Trivia
Inarticulate Writer
Income Tax
Incomplete Cure
Increasing Declines
Increasingly Little
Incredibly Common
Incredibly Dull
Incredibly Real
Indecent Exposure
Indifferently Attentive
Indirect Communication
Industrial Park
Inexpensive Car
Inexpensive House
Inexpensive Medical Care
Information Superhighway
Initial Conclusion
Initial Results
Initial Retirement
Innocent Bureaucratic Blunder
Innocent Criminal
Insane Logic
Insanely Normal
Insomniac Dreams
Inside Out
Insincere Thanks
Insincere Vow
Instant Classic
Instant Folk Hero
Intelligent Fight
Intelligent News Coverage
Intense Apathy
Intense Disinterest
Interested Students
Interest Free Loan
Internal Exile
Internal Revenue Service
Intimate Murder
Intimate Strangers
Invisible Ink
Irate Patient

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