Here is the largest collection of the Oxymorons beginning with ~ L ~.

Lace-Up Loafers
Lady-Mud Wrestler
Ladies Man
Laid-Back Compulsive
Lame Skills
Lamp Shade
Land Developer
Land Development
Large Ant
Larger Half
Last Initial
Lasting Aid
Least Favorite
Legal Ethics
Legal Justice
Legally Drunk
Legitimate Conspiracy
Legitimate Politics
Lemon Lime
Less Is More
Lesser Evil
Lesser Good
Liberal Conservative
Liberal Fundamentalists
Light Armor
Light Traffic
Limited Immunity
Limited Incursion
Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Limited Freedom
Limited Nuclear War
Linear Curve
Liquid Crystal
Liquid Gas
Liquid Metal
Liquid Natural Gas
Liquid Smoke
Lite Beer
Literal Interpretation
Literary Illiterates
Little Big
Little Big Horn
Little Bit Big
Little Deceptive
Little Giant
Live Recording
Live Television
Living Dead
Living End
Living Fossil
Local Long Distance
Local Network
Locks On 7-11 Stores Which Are Open 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year
Loners Club
Long And Short Of It
Long Brief (For Lawyers)
Long Island Expressway
Long Recess
Long Shorts
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Loose Knot
Loose Tights
Loquacious Librarian
Loss Prevention Specialist
Loud Librarian
Loud Whisper
Loud Silence
Love-Hate Relationship
Lovers' Quarrel
Low Altitude
Low Insurance Rates
Low Tax
Lower Inflation
Low-Fat Ice Cream
Low-Intensity Conflict
Loyal Opposition
Lucky Stiff
Luke-Warm Enthusiasm
Luxury Beer
Luxury Bus
Luxury Compact

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