Here is the largest collection of Oxymorons beginning with ~ M ~.

Male...Lady Bug
Management Action
Management Science
Management Style
Management Support
Mandatory Judgment
Mandatory Option
Mandatory Volunteerism
Mannish Woman
Marijuana Initiative
Marital Bliss
Marketing Strategy
Married Life
Martial Law
Mass Customization
Massively Thin
Master Slave
Maternity Fashion
Mature Student
Maxi Thins
Mean Smile
Meaningful Nonsense
Meaningful-Overnight Relationship
Meatless Meat
Medicaid Payment
Medium Large
Medium Well
Melted Ice
Mercy Killing
Metal Woods (It's A Golf Thing)
Mexican American
Microsoft Works
Middle East
Middle East Peace
Midnight Sun
Mighty Weak
Mild Abrasive
Mild Cigar
Mild Interest
Mild Jalapeño
Mild Mannered Reporter
Mild PMS
Mildly Psychotic
Militant Pacifist
Military Accountability
Military Intelligence
Military Justice
Military Peace
Military System
Mind-Expanding Drugs
Mini Jumbo
Minor Crisis
Minor Disaster
Minor Miracle
Misanthropic Humanitarian
Missing Present
Mobile Home
Mobile House
Mobil Station
Modern Art
Modern History
Modern Maturity
Modern Tradition
Modestly Arrogant
Modified-Final Judgment
Monoglottal Babble
Monopoly (Mono Poly)
Montana Freemen
Moral Majority
Morbid Humor
More Perfect
More Unique
Motorcycle Safety
Mournful Optimist
Moving Target
Mud Bath
Muscular Fat
Mute Sound
Mutual Attraction
Mutual Differences
Mutually Exclusive
My Worst Favorite

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