Here is the largest collection of Oxymorons beginning with ~ P ~.

Pacific Ocean
Paid Volunteer
Painless Torture
Painless Dentistry
Paper Tablecloth
Paper Towel
Paperless Office
Parallel Connection
Park Drive
Parents Without Partners
Partial Conclusion
Partial Silence
Partial Success
Partially Completed
Partially Destroyed
Partially Organized
Partly Pregnant
Passive Aggression
Passive Challenge
Passive Confrontation
Passively Aggressive
Passively Tried
Past Prediction
Patriotic Militia
Peace Benefits
Peace Force
Peace Keeper Missile
Peace Offensive
Peace Officer
Peace Riot
Peaceful Liberation
Peaceful Protests
Peacekeeper Missile
Peacekeeping Force
Peacemaker Missile
Peasant King
Peer Pressure
Perfect Idiot
Perfect Misfit
Perfectly Awful
Perfectly Normal
Perfectly Ridiculous
Perfect Screw-Up
Permanent Guest Host
Permanent Substitute
Persistent Ambivalence
Personal Business
Personal Computer
Personalized Form Letter
Pet Cat
Pet Fish
Petty Cash
Pigeon's Milk
Pious Atheist
Plain Buttered Bagels
Planned Exodus
Planned Serendipity
Planned Spontaneity
Plastic Flowers
Plastic Glasses
Plastic Lemons
Plastic Silverware
Plastic Straw
Plastic Wood
Player Coach
Player Piano
Pleasant Hell
Pleasantly Confused
Pleasing Pain
Police Protection
Polite Salesman
Politely Insulting
Political Cooperation
Political Ethics
Political Leadership
Political Promise
Political Science
Political Solutions
Political Trust
Politically Correct
Pool Table
Poor Intelligence
Poor Rich Kid
Population Control
Positive Resistance
Positively Negative
Positively Wrong
Post Feminist
Post Modern
Postal Efficiency
Postal Service
Pretty Ugly
Pot Luck
Powdered Water
Practical Experience
Practical Joke
Practical Parenting
Practice Test
Precision Bombing
Precious Junk
Precision Thinking
Predictably Random
Preliminary Conclusion
Premeditated Spontaneity
Presently Gone
Presidential Promises
Pretty Bad
Pretty Disgusting
Previous History
Priceless Junk
Prison Life
Private Citizen
Private E-Mail
Private Public Record
Problem Solved
Procrastinate Now
Productivity Committee
Professional Wrestling
Progressing Backward
Progressive Conservative
Pronounced Silence
Proprietary Standard
Proud Humility
Psychiatric Care
Public School Education
Public Schools
Public Secret
Public Service
Pure 100% Orange Juice From Concentrate
Pure .999
Pure Evil
Pure Dirt
Pure Speculation

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