Here is the largest collection of Oxymorons beginning with ~ R ~.

R & D (Research And Development)
Radical Center
Random Logic
Random Order
Randomly Organized
Random Pattern
Rap Artist
Rapid Transit
Rare Steak
Rarely Done
Rational Ravings
Real Fantasy
Real Magic
Real Phony
Real Polyester
Real Potential
Realistic Fantasy
Realistic Liberal
Realistic Schedule
Realistic Simulation
Reasonable Attorney Fees
Reasonable Fees
Reasonable Medical Fees
Reasonable Pharmaceutical Costs
Rebel Without A Cause
Recent History
Recently New
Reckless Caution
Recoilless Rifle
Recorded Live
Recreational Burning
Recycling Dump
Red Licorice
Regional Pantheists
Regular Special
Rehearsed Improvisation
Relative Stranger
Relative Truth
Religious Tolerance
Remotely Obvious
Removable Sticker
Renegade Lawmakers
Representative Democracy
Required Donation
Republican Party
Required Elective
Resident Alien
Resolute Ambivalence
Restless Sleep
Restrained Grandparent
Retired Worker
Rich Country, Poor People
Rising Deficits
Roaring Silence
Rock Opera
Rogue Cop
Rolling Stop
Roomy Airline-Coach Seats
Round Corner
Round Edges
Routine Emergency
Routine Surgery
Rubber Bones
Rules Of War
Running Idle
Running In Place
Rush Hour
Rustic Elegance
Russian Economy

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