Here is the largest collection of Oxymorons beginning with ~ S ~.

Sad Clown
Sad Optimist
Sad Smile
Sadly Amused
Sadly Funny
Safe And Sane Fireworks
Safe Bet
Safe Guns
Safe Investment
Safe Sex
Safe Weapons
Safety Hazard
Same Difference
Sanitary Landfill
Sanitary Napkin
Sanitary Sewer
Savings & Loan
Scalding Coolness
Scheduled Spontaneity
School System
School Vacation
Science Fiction
Scientific Belief
Scientific Consensus
Scientific Creationism
Scientific Speculation
Scottish Danish (Actual Pastry Sold At 7-11)
Screaming In Silence
Screaming Silence
Scripted Spontaneity
Sea Farming
Second Best
Second Initial
Secret FBI Files
Secret Rumor
Secretarial Science
Security, On-Line Security
Sedate Sex
Semi retired
Senate Ethics Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee
Sensitive Guy
Serial Monogamous
Serious Clown
Serious Comic
Serious Fun
Serious Humor
Seriously Funny
Service Station
Severely Killed
Shabby Chic
Shared Monopoly
Sharp Curve
Short Distance
Short Survey
Short Tall Tales
Shout In A Whisper
Shouting Whispers
Shyly Pompous
Sight Unseen
Silent Alarm
Silent Applause
Silent Barber
Silent Cacophony
Silent Noise
Silent Scream
Silent Sound
Silent Speech
Silent Testimony
Silent Women
Silent Yell
Simple Calculus
Simple Computers
Simple Confusion
Simple Procedure
Simple Plan
Simple Technology
Simply Superb
Sincere Lie
Sinfully Good
Single Copy
Single Diversity `
Single Pair
Single Thought
Singular Relationship
Sit Up
Sitting Up
Slave Master
Sleep Vigorously
Sleeper Hit
Slight Exaggeration
Slight Hernia
Slight Surprise
Slightly Overweight
Slightly Pregnant
Slightly-Used-Dental Floss
Slow And Steady Rush
Slow Children
Slow Jet
Slow Jog
Slow Speed
Slow-Motion Explosion
Slumber Party
Smart Fool
Small Fortune
Small Giant
Smaller Half
Smart Bomb
Smart Dork
Smart Drugs
Smart Windows User
Smokeless Cigarette
Snow-White Tan
Soaring Down
Sober Drunk
Social Hermit
Social Outcast
Social Science
Social Security
Socialist Market Economy
Socialist Worker
Soft Porn
Soft Rock
Soft Thunder
Software Documentation
Software Manual
Solid Rumor
Solo Concert
Solo Ensemble
Somewhat Awesome
Somewhat Destroyed
Somewhat Functional
Somewhat Legal
Sound Of Silence
Sound-Filled Silence
Southern Justice
Soviet Economy
Soviet Union
Spare Rib
Specialize In Everything
Specifically Vague
Spectator Sport
Speed Bump
Speed Limit
Splendidly Dull
Spoken Thought
Squared Circle (Wrestling Term)
Stable Economic Policies
Staged Accident
Stand Down
Stand Fast
Standard Deviation
Start Stopping
Static Variable
State Development
State Worker
Stationary Bike
Stationary Orbit
Stealth Bomber
Steel Wool
Still Moving
Still Wind
Stop Action
Straight Angle
Straight Hook
Stripper’s Dressing Room Subterfuge
Strangely Familiar
Strategic Withdrawal
Strong Decaf
Structured C Program
Student Athlete
Student Teacher
Studious Students
Study Break
Study Outside
Stunted Growth
Stupid Genius
Subjective Data
Subtle Exaggeration
Subversive Compliance
Successful Suicide
Sugarless Candy
Suicide Victim
Summer School
Sun Shade
Sun Shower
Super Information Highway
Supporting Documentation
Sure Bet
Sure Fire Tip
Sure Guess
Sweet And Sour
Sweet Pickle
Sweet Sorrow
Sweet Tart
Swiss Steak
Swiss Army
Synthetic Natural Gas
Systematic Chaos
Systematic Disorder
Systematic Variance

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