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Here is the complete list of PSAT Vocabulary. PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Admission Test. This is administered for getting qualified to seek admission and administered by College Board in USA. Approximately 4 million students from all over United States take this exam each year. All the college-students take this test. Some time, few school students also take this exam. The scores from the PSAT are used to determine eligibility and qualification for the National Merit Scholarship Program in United States. This test consists of two sections : Quantitative and Verbal Sections. The students have to apply for this test only through the school in which they are studying. This is multiple-choice question-type test. Since the cost of education in USA is relatively high, almost all students take this test in order to seek scholarship to meet their educational cost in Colleges.

Here is the list of PSAT Words beginning with D.

  1. Dawdle

  2. Defamation

  3. Defiance

  4. Degenerate

  5. Demean

  6. Denounce

  7. Depict

  8. Deplete

  9. Deplore

  10. Derision

  11. Derivative

  12. Detached

  13. Deterrent

  14. Didactic

  15. Digression

  16. Discernible

  17. Disclaimer

  18. Disclose

  19. Discord

  20. Disinterested

  21. Dismiss

  22. Disparage

  23. Disparate

  24. Dispel

  25. Disperse

  26. Dissent

  27. Dissipate

  28. Distinction

  29. Divulge

  30. Docile

  31. Doctrine

  32. Dogmatic

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