Difficult Words : Palliate, Painstaking and Pacify

Difficult Words : Palliate, Painstaking and Pacify

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Pacify (PAS uh FYE) v: to calm someone down, to placate

A parent gives a baby a pacifier to pacify him or her.

A pacifist is someone who does not believe in war.

Painstaking (PANE SYAT king) adj: extremely careful, taking pains

Painstaking = pains-taking = taking pains

The jeweler was painstaking is his effort not to ruin the $50 million diamond.

We made a painstaking effort to move the piano without harming it. First we wrapped it with Kleenex, then we covered it with balloons, then we put it on roller skates and pushed it down the ramp.

Palliate (PAL ee ATE) v: to relieve or alleviate something without getting rid of the problem, to assuage, to mitigate

You take aspirin in the hope that it will palliate your headache. Aspirin is a palliative.

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