Parts of An Informal Letters

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Parts of An Informal Letters :

All of us write letters to our parents, friends and other people. These are informal or personal letters. We use easy conversational style in these letters.

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to attend the birthday party.

133, Rangarajapuram Main Road,
Chennai – 600 024.

10 – 06 – 2005

Dear Kavitha,

I am fine. How are you?

My birthday falls on 21st June 2005. Please attend the birthday party. Bring your brother and sister with you.

With love.

Yours faithfully,

S. Priya.

Address on the envelope :

R. Kavitha,
67, Bharathi Street,
Nagercoil – 10.

Parts of An Informal Letters :

We write Our Address and Date at the top right hand corner. Use punctuation marks.

We begin the Salutation or Greeting from the left margin. Use a comma after the greeting. Don’t write as Dear friend. Use his / her name.

The Body of the Letter begins here. Begin with Informal Enquiry about the health and happiness of the receiver of the letter. This part contains the Actual Message of the writer. This also forms a part of the body of the letter.

The body of the letter ends with this Parting Greeting or Leave Taking.

The Ending of the Letter comes a little below at the right hand bottom of the body. Put a comma after that. The writer puts his signature below this.

The Address on the Envelope contains the address of the receiver of the letter. Use the punctuation marks and order of the details. This address is written on the envelope.

Persons addressed to....Salutation....Subscription

Parents……Dear father / mother……affectionately (or) Loving

Brothers…….Dear brother / sister……affectionately

Relatives…….Dear Uncle / aunty……lovingly

Friends……Dear Mani / Mala……lovingly

Teachers and Headmasters…….Sir / Madam ……obediently


Companies and Firms…….Sirs……faithfully
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